Four steps to losing weight on slim.in

Step 1: Healthy Eating Plan

No special foods to buy, no shakes, no pills

Never go hungry

Eat unlimited fruits (except juices), vegetables (except potatoes) and low-fat milk/curd. Read more

No food is banned

The only requirement is to track what you eat. Stay within your personalised allowance and leave the rest to slim.in. Remember, daily slims expire the same day. Weekly slims last for the week.

Earn activity slims

Track your physical activity and earn slims to eat more or to lose additional weight.

Step 2: Helpful Habits

Our 14 recommended lifestyle changes are proven to help you lose weight. Since changing a lifelong habit is hard, we make it easier with our behaviour change tools that targets the psychology of weight loss.

Step 3: Bounce Back

On a weight-loss journey, slips are inevitable. Our Problem Solving section with its Six Pillars to Weight Loss helps reduce the chances of slipping and overcoming problems that crop up.

Step 4: Better Together

Group based weight-loss interventions have been proven to be the most effective way of losing weight and keeping it off.


Groups have the ability to inspire, motivate and pick us up when we slip. They help brainstorm ideas, identify barriers to change and hacks that tip the balance from inaction to success. Attend a FREE taster sessionto learn more.

Online community

We will be launching an online community soon. Watch this space.