Groups based weight loss

Our groups meet once a week to learn, ask questions, discuss, vent, get help, share and, more importantly, change and celebrate! Group based weight loss works! In the west, where obesity has been a problem for much longer, weightloss groups are the norm. In UK alone, ~19,000 meetings run every week!

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Track what you eat

Our database has 15,000 Indian recipes and 150,000 food products and includes all known brands/restaurants. This makes it easy for you to track what you have eaten. You can even edit the recipes so they match how you prepare your meals.
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The "no hunger" eating plan

Slim.in is the ONLY approach that allows you to eat all the fruits, vegetables and low-fat milk/yogurt you wish.
Our proprietary formula gently nudges you to form healthy eating habits, which is the best way of losing weight and keeping it off. Stay within your personalised allowance and lose weight.

Slim.in works because our approach is different

  • We use Nutrition science to help you learn and Psychology to help you implement
  • No pills, shakes, products or machines
  • We focus on lifestyle changes to achieve weight loss for life.
  • Body image is important for us. We never conflate beauty with losing weight.
  • We recognise that weight loss is hard to achieve. We do not trivialise the effort it takes.
  • We believe in a research- based approach to losing weight.


Slim.in’s approach was published in Health: Our Business, an initiative to find innovative interventions in health by the Global Chief Medical Officers (CMO) network as part of the Clinton Global Initiative.

The CMO Network is a group of world-leading clinicians which is committed to bringing about a lasting improvement to the world’s health. Together, they leverage their combined insight, experience and global reach to solve some of the world’s biggest health problems - namely heart disease, cancer, diabetes and mental health - through workplace health initiatives.