No more hunger pangs

You are never hungry on slim.in. Eat as much fruits, vegetables (excluding potatoes) and low fat milk as you like. more

Feel full for longer

All calories are not created equal. Slim.in uses a proprietary formula based on the latest satiety research

A programme just for you

We personalise your daily and weekly allowance based on your height, weight, gender and age. And adjust it every time your weight changes

No food is banned

You can eat whatever you want (even gulab jamuns!) so long as you stay within your personalised allowance. Track what you eat against our database of 15,000+ recipes and 200,000+ brands/restaurants

Lose weight for good

Finding it tiresome to differentiate between fact and myth of weight loss? Slim.in’s 14 lifestyle changes are scientifically proven to help achieve and sustain weight loss.

The psychology of weight loss

Weight loss is not just about knowledge ... it has a lot to do with psychology. We identify the key stumbling blocks and suggest how to overcome them.

Challenges that work

Proven resources to help you go from sofa to running 5kms in 12 weeks … Or try Slim.in’s ‘Do Something Different’ … and more

Live well

Learn practical ways to eating and living well. Written and syndicated using trustworthy sources.

Learn from the best

Express yourself … ask for help … congratulate someone … get inspired. Research shows that even a community of strangers is helpful while losing weight.

but make sure you are motivated to make the necessary changes

Take a tour

A video demo of the webiste is coming soon!

we are here to help

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